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Here at Eighteen Chefs, we strive to provide our customers with quality western food at an affordable price – freshly prepared and fast every time! Without compromising our service standards, we hope you will enjoy yourself in our own unique ambience and be spoilt with a great variety of food choices.



We take that on in the kitchen everyday, why we’re one of Singapore’s

favourite homegrown hangouts.


Bold flavours. Big ideas. Great food grabbed by hand with the gang. Super-sized for sharing, or not! We mashup classic kitchen techniques with a bit of soul, a bit of rock n’roll.


Honest-to-goodness good eats made by honest-to-goodness good peeps.


Welcome to Eighteen Chefs. Dig in!


We hope to inspire troubled youths and people with conviction backgrounds to find alternative positive ways to reintegrate back into society.


We have worked with other social agencies both locally and regionally to help create this awareness and to provide a platform for these group of people to realize their talents in the Food & Beverage industry. We hope to expand out of Singapore and make Eighteen Chefs as part of the lifestyle to the youths globally. By providing them with a safe and

non-judgmental working environment, we believe that we are giving them a chance to also work on their recovery through this unity of bond, which will eventually allow them to find a better and happier path in life.


We’re very proud of our team in Eighteen Chefs. Without them, Eighteen Chefs wouldn’t be Eighteen Chefs today. 

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